The Sandy Spring Museum is excited to be launching an innovative take on exhibit development!

Launching on October 20, the Extreme Exhibit Makeover is a process of creating new exhibits through the collaboration of professionals from different fields–history, art, exhibit design, and a member of the community.

Two teams of professionals will compete for the best exhibit design, while the public watches the behind the scenes action on video.

Project participants include Andrew Scott, Susan Baker, Lynda Andrews Barry, Lindsay Brennan, Meghan Kaylor, Sarah Gingold, Andrea Jones Childress, and Elissa Blattman.  Larry O’Reilly will be serving as the project “Lifeline” for participants to call on when they are in need of help!

The public will be invited to attend a two-day installation at the museum On February 1 and 2 and vote for a “people’s choice” winner.

Sounds like an amazing project, right?

If you’re interested in joining, as of this writing (Oct 14), there is still space for one more participant. If you’d like to be considered for that sport, send your resume and cover letter explaining your interest to Sandy Spring Executive Director, Allison Weiss at aweiss@sandyspringmuseum.org.


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