Introducting Team Kardashian…A Guest Blog by Team Leader Lindsay Brennan

Andrea Extreme Exhibit MakeOverPhoto Credit: Andrea Jones

Team Kardashian has had an eventful two weeks!

The team has gone back and forth about the direction of our exhibit which has caused tension within the team. We hit a road block early on when team members began research that not everyone was comfortable with.

After several emails of going back and forth we decided our only course of action was meeting to smooth out the wrinkles.

We had our second meeting on Monday where it was anything but dull! There were times when very strong opinions were made but the team made it through the meeting with ideas and a direction.

As the direction did not please all, it was time to make a decision so we can move forward, and now the team is hard at work.

Hopefully this will serve as a bonding experience and something we can look back on as a fun and interesting learning experience.


Editor’s Note: 

Below see some details of what Team Kardashian is up against with the “before” pictures of the Home Life Area.



Photo Oct 20, 11 41 13 AM


Photo Oct 20, 11 40 34 AM


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