The Makeover Continues…

As the Extreme Exhibit Makeover Participants continue their work, there are some tidbits that are coming out. A piece of the exhibit will focus on Veterans from the area and a video will be a part of the exhibit.

Some snippets the interview that is being edited for the exhibit are below. This is really powerful stuff…

“It was 6 months before I realized I hadn’t seen a tree. Everything is the same color. And you can never get away from the dust. There’s dust and gravel everywhere. We had to work at it to keep the Aid Station clean enough to practice medicine. ”

“On the news people see battles and explosions, but they don’t realize, sometimes it’s the little things that get to you out there.”

“It’s the repetition. You do the same thing everyday and there’s only so many movies you can watch or games you can play. . . . . . Even the incoming fire get boring. I got to the point where sirens would go off and I didn’t even care. I figure if it’s gonna hit me, it’s gonna hit me.  I have no control over that.”

Stay tuned for more information on how the exhibit is coming along. We expect to be open to the public on Wednesday, March 19. Mark your calendars now for a powerful experience.





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