Team Jersey Shore- An Update!

In the last blog post we gave a preview on the part of the exhibit that Team Kardashian is working on. Their project on veterans from Sandy Spring looks VERY interesting!

But in true reality competition form, Team Jersey Shore is not to be outdone.

They have been working hard on a project related to gathering and community  in Sandy Spring.

Gatherings they focus on range from locations, like religious institutions to the Post Office. Others are clubs you may not have been aware of. For example, have you ever heard of the Patuxent Rod and Gun Club?

Some you are probably quite familiar with–such as the Friends Meeting House. But Team Jersey Shore has incorporated some  contemporary information. Can you locate where the “Highway to Heaven” is in Sandy Spring? I bet you can.

Team Jersey Shore’s exhibit will be quite different from Team Kardashian’s. And it will be very interesting to see how audiences react to the juxtaposition. Here’s to a great final stretch of the project!





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