We are in the final throes of print graphic production!

Designing the signage and images that represent the visions Teams Jersey Shore and Kardashian have for their exhibits is a process of rough sketches to final approved designs. This meant going through the steps of rough drafts for over 50 individual items and bringing them to final approved files for the printer (often with up to or more than three iterations as we polish each item through the process of proofing, editing, and redesigns).   


Once a design is approved, a final PDF print file is made and given to the printer, who then either prints the items on display board and trims them out, or on heavy paper/canvas stock to be mounted and trimmed by the team. Once the items are delivered to the Museum, the teams go to work assembling and installing their exhibits.


Team Jersey Shore’s signage and images are being printed now, and Team Kardashian’s graphics are coming in to the home stretch. It has been great working with both teams, to watch the concepts develop and solidify, and to be a small part of that. To be able to take their ideas and portray them graphically for their signage and imagery is very satisfying.


Teams Jersey Shore and Kardashian have crafted exhibits that tell stories about their subjects in a way that will speak to the contemporary viewer. They approached their presentations differently in telling the story of the Sandy Spring community specifically, and the American experience as a whole, and they have brought their subject matter alive. Neither display is a static presentation of collected items. Both teams have successfully personalized the experience, so that Our Story — past, present, and future — is going to surprise and inform the visitor.


I hope that my graphic design successfully helps with that experience. The proof is in the pudding: the final assembly of the exhibits by the teams, and the communication with the public.


What a great experience.


— Susan Baker, Graphic Designer


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