Extreme Exhibit Make Over: Public Installation Schedule

See what happens when you bring together 7 strangers and give them:

a small budget, a tight deadline, and a big job to do.

Some said it couldn’t be done!

Come see for yourself. Public Installation March 15 and 16.


March 15

9:00 am Recitation of the Rules and Regulations


1:30 pm Extreme Exhibit Makeover Mini Challenge

6:00-8:00 pm Reception and Talk Show


March 16


2:00 Finale with Celebrity Guest Judges


Please RSVP for Saturday evening’s reception at exhibits@sandyspringmuseum.org or call (301)774.0022


Featuring: Special Guest MC: Tania Katan

Ms. Katan, humorist, performer, and producer of Shenanigans at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, will be the MC all weekend, and will host her own talk show Saturday evening: What really happened behind the scenes during the Extreme Exhibit Makeover?


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